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About Kim's Beyond Beauty inc

About kim - founder

Kim's Beyond Beauty is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide beauty and coaching services to individuals in low income and underserved local areas with the goal to be essential and bringing self-awareness and self identity to women and girls, youth and families.

Kimberley (Kim) Napoleon I’m a Licensed Master Loctician / Natural Hairstylist and newly Certified Scalp Therapist. I’ve been doing hair for over 25 years. I’m very passionate about Cosmetology, and love to educate individuals on their hair journey and natural beauty. My goal is to reach, mentor, and motivate as many people as I can.  As a former resident of a shelter with 5 kids at the time, at which I now mentor at, my main goal is to “Reawaken one’s beauty “, give self-love tips, complimentary hairstyles, and Financial and Life advice.
I’m a dedicated woman that strives to be the best I can, with all I do. I’m a wife and mother of 7. I love to travel, engage in family and friends activities, networking events, dance, love and laugh.
If you ask me “How do you do it?” I will reply by saying. “I JUST DO “.


Kimberley Napoleon
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