KBB presents...


Relationship edition: Part2


February 20, 2021 —— 5-10pm

Grant Center

161 NE 183st

Miami Gardens, Fl 33179


$30- single

$55 - couples

What is FEAR ❓

What do you FEAR ❓

Who can help, with your FEAR❓

How can you unleash your inner FEAR❓


The purpose of this event is to bring awareness & transparency in a therapeutic , entertaining, and responsive approach to issues people are faced with everyday surroundings relationships.


The vision of this event is for each attendee to leave with a clear insight on how social issues play a huge role on the wellbeing of a person and the steps necessary to live FEARLESS and productive lives.



This event is for all Marital statuses

Single ( looking or not )

Seeing someone



Or ... entanglement

Grab your friends, husband/wife, or come alone ! We will talk about Everything 🤫

It will be a night filled with entertainment and lots of knowledge!


Tickets include:

Complimentary welcome drink

A delicious 3 course meals

Individually wrapped dessert table


And so much more!


*temperature check & mask required

*sanitizing station available

Tables will be set for social distance seating

Purchase tickets at :


Sponsorship and vendors opportunity available

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